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Welcome to a higher level of service.

Be Kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle.
— Bruce Holsted

Towerdoggin' — and more.

Resonance, illumination, and structure are pretty much what we do. As regards antenna work, we are disciples of the 52 Ohm impedance and work as its servants. Does not matter how high or how big, if it does not resonate then it may as well not be there. We are no different in the area of lighting. We'll fix things that most folks have never seen, much less worked on, and we will usually have the parts on hand or within reasonable distance.


the holsted company way

We don’t lie to our customers and we don’t claim to be able to do things at which we are not efficient. We have tried since 1993 to provide prompt, efficient and courteous service.

Everyone we put in the air has years of experience.


The Crew

The greatest thing about the tower business are the fine fellows we work with. Jerks and angry folks don't last long in this trade. As employees they get fired quick and as employers they wind up crewless in a hurry.



  • Antenna Service
  • Light Control Repair
  • Microwave
  • Dehydrator Repair
  • Feedlines



Our Founder

A NOTE FROM BRUCE, CEO of Holsted companies:

I’ve been in this business quite a while.  I consider it a great blessing to wake up each day and go to a job that you love to do. I’ve been able to do that most of my life, and I’m sure thankful.