Be kind.  Everyone you meet is fighting a battle.

Bruce W. Holsted





To wake up each day and find oneself off to an employment that is both challenging and rewarding is of great benefit to a man's soul. The opportunity to be beckoned by a daily occupation that provides sustenance, excitement, camaraderie, and opportunities to solve problems is a great gift which I did nothing to deserve and most likely will never tire of.

What We Do

Resonance, illumination, and structure are pretty much what we do. As regards antenna work, we are disciples of the 52 Ohm impedance and work as its servants. Does not matter how high or how big, if it does not resonate then it may as well not be there. We are no different in the area of lighting. We'll fix things that most folks have never seen, much less worked on, and we will usually have the parts on hand or within reasonable distance.

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The Crew

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The greatest thing about the tower business is the fine fellows you work with. Jerks and angry folks don't last long in this trade. As employees they get fired quick and as employers they wind up crewless in a hurry.