David Black, Esq. The Original Wobbly Dog

Poor David had the unfortunate experience of being my first employee. That was way back in 1993 andI’m not sure he has recovered yet. An affable and likeable fellow, David wakes up every day in a good mood. He can take most any situation, regardless of how dismal it my seem, and turn it into a wise crack or joke. The perpetual life of the party, they broke the mold when they made him. As you can see by the above photo, fish in the Gulf Coast region tremble when he gets close. David is the reason there are limits on fish harvest.



Trisha works the front desk and handles the parts department for my oldest customer. She always has a smile and is always so helpful when I’m in a bind. Ever the patient one when we come blowing through looking for envelopes, stamps, or grumbling about an empty coffee pot, she is patient to a fault. Wonderful mom, great employee, and kind to us towerdogs, she is always a ray of sunshine on the darkest of days. I’ve heard stories about staying clear of her when she’s mad…..but I think they are unfounded rumors.


The Ligh Bulb Shop

In the picture above are my three buddies from the Light Bulb Shop in Little Rock. Purveyors of all things illuminate…. they are the supreme bulb pimps in our market. If it lights up, they either have it or they can get it. I mean, when it comes to lighting… if they ain’t got it…. you don’t need it….. Indeed, they are the enlightened ones !!