As regards the Golden Rule, and that country lawyer from Eureka

I will have to admit that I am entertained and interested in lots of things that others consider strange.  I’m one to appreciate good oratory, any plenty of same can be found at college commencement ceremonies.  I suppose because often the speaker is not one given to speaking to large crowds regularly, so they make every effort to “get it right” as they are generally instructing the children of their peers,  and too, it is a critical moment for all involved.

One of the more interesting speakers I heard was some small town lawyer from Eureka Springs, AR whose name presently escapes me.  He was on the Board of Trustees for the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, and had attained a position of some prominence in his field of endeavor.

I recall that this man had undertaken some degree of research regarding the religions of the world.  He sought to identify common themes and patterns in all of the major faiths.  His thinking was, as I recall, that if we can find some common ground in our spiritual journeys perhaps we could use those ideas to forge more understanding between peoples.

It seems that after considerable research he found one idea that stood out in all of the major faiths, regardless of the deity, language or tradition, and it was this:  The Golden Rule.  In each and every spiritual discipline the Golden Rule found its way to prominence amongst the teachers or propagators of those respective faiths.  The balance of his address was on the virtues of the Rule and how all of us on the planet would do better to pay attention to same.

Just this past week I have given that address considerable thought.  I have considered same not really in light of this existence, but more so in terms of our next level of consciousness once we leave this planet.

Now I’ve been a student of near death experiences ever since I entered the path of the hospice volunteer.  With so many of my charges, they are straddling the space between this world and the next and the conversations they have, the music they hear, the things they see, can sometimes reveal themselves regardless of which side of the veil their Spirit is on.  Since they can and do have conversations with their brains and mouths with individuals that are no longer on this plane, I thought it best to study up a bit on what they might be seeing and sensing so I could better serve them as a departure coach.


In all of my reading on these near death experiences, and all of my conversations with those that have experienced same, one idea keeps recurring over and over:  That is the notion that all of us will have to, at some point, experience whatever pains, joys, sorrows, fears, and other emotions that we propagated and perpetrated in the lives of those around us.  Conversely, those who brought into our lives similar enmities, strifes, joys and sorrows will have to assume life in our minds and experience that which was visited upon us.

Now I realize, having once been unembracing of the spiritual things, that this is a hard idea to digest for any who think consciousness ends with the cessation of brain activity, and I’m not trying to argue a point to sway anyone’s thinking.  As to matters of Spirit I embrace “believe and let believe”.  But, for those who do embrace extended consciousness beyond the grave, the Golden Rule takes on a whole new meaning.


Consider this:  If we do in fact, during our life review, experience deeply all of those things that we visited upon others, then in the long term view when we are kind, courteous and gentle with others we are, in fact, kind courteous and gentle to ourselves as we will, on some level, actually BE that other person during a life review process.

To further extend this, it also places forgiveness in a new light as well.  When we forgive another, we actually are forgiving ourselves, as we will one day trade places with their consciousness so we can experience on a visceral level that which caused them to do to us what they did.

Lastly, if one embraces non local consciousness as described in the above four paragraphs then the Beatitudes as written in the Gospel of Matthew suddenly take on a whole new meaning.  I realized suddenly in church this morning that the meek inheriting the earth, the sorrowful being comforted and those who hunger for righteousness having their fill seems completely rational.  After all, once we cross over everything is brought back into balance.

If you have the time in the next week or two, just sit down with Matthew 5 and 6 and while reading consider life reviews after departure that allow everyone to trade places with their neighbor in each and every experience while incarnate on the planet.

Dissenters, as always, welcome to reply.  To quote my dad, whom I had little time to get to know:  ”Always listen to those that disagree with you…. they might be right.”

I wish peace to all of you.


Bruce HolstedComment